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After ten (amazing) days in Tahiti , we were happy to be home and excited to start “married life”. One of the aspects of married life we were looking forward to most? Home-cooked meals!! Vacation is amazing… but restaurant food can get old… On our first night home, and after a lengthy and thorough Costco trip… we had our first home made dinner as Man and wife: Chicken Parmesan.

SUPER easy! SUPER filling!


2 Chicken Breast (at least partially thawed)

1/2 Italian Dressing

1 tablespoon Italian Seasoning

1 Cup Bread Crumbs

1 Jar Pasta Sauce of your Preference

4 Slices Mozzerella Cheese

Grated Parmesan for Garnish

2 Servings Cooked Pasta of your Preference



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