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Guess it’s time for my 15 minutes……

I suppose this probably won’t be the last time I type away as a guest of my significant other and personal chef, considering I also dabble in throwing together easy and often surprisingly delicious meals. I say surprisingly because more often than not, I’m chopping and dicing and saute’ing and grilling without the slightest clue as to what I’m doing. Well, except for grilling. That I do. My weapons of choice are primarily a chopping knife and a good skillet. I don’t measure, I rarely mix, and I never bake. Then again, I don’t blog either. Whoops.

That being said, the following recipe is the result of a thrown-together, shot-in-the-dark attempt at stuffed bellpeppers. Call it luck, call it fortune, but everything fell into place perfectly and the dish became one of my favorite culinary creations to date: Roasted Raspberry Chipotle and Pineapple Terriyaki Stuffed Bellpeppers. Or Belkpeppers, if you like, since these green gems came straight from Belk Farms. Only the best in my kitchen. This kitchen adventure begins with X-Large or Jumbo green peppers – look for dark green peppers that are heavy, shiny, and square so they will stand upright. One pepper per person is usually plenty, depending on the size of the pepper.




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… i’m so sorry i’ve been slacking on the RECIPE posting lately… but I ‘m going to be getting some help for the next couple posts… he’s been quite inspired in the kitchen lately (i know right, me, sharing the kitchen, it just can’t be… but it is. and i loved it.)… thus he will  be jumping in with some guest posts over the next few days…


…now, i’m not gonna point out that at first his eyes would glaze over when i started to talk about this blog… and i’m not gonna point out that i listened to a lengthy digression about how silly things like blogs and twitter are…

… but, what i will point out… is that, as of late, he has faithfully asked me about new posts and my climbing stats… and i would like to mention... that he is an excellent cook… who has a few incredible recipes to share…

… so i am excited for these next few guests posts… and i hope that you enjoy them too…

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